Genius article by on why single men can’t go to Bangkok:

“The idea that you are going to find a woman to spend the rest of your life with in a country where tens of thousands of creepy Western dudes just like you are prowling around at all hours of the day and night is borderline insane. And maybe this wasn’t your intention when you booked that flight to Bangkok, but perception is reality and, unfortunately, generations of lonely ESL teachers have shaped that perception.

Going to the land of a thousand propositions and looking among them for a wife means that you have not only given up on sex, you’ve also given up on scoring a girlfriend all together. This is a sign that you can’t be bothered with finding women, talking to them, or even acknowledging them as equals. You are scared of women who are not getting paid to be affectionate; they intimidate you and make you feel like less of a man. If that is the kind of woman you are looking for (essentially an exploited person) you also have a few more issues to talk to the therapist about on your return visit.”

Amen, brotha.